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My Story

It all started with a giant, unused, and unloved garden in the backyard of our first home.

I saw that weedy, dirt-clumped space, and started dreaming of what I could grow there. I cleared the ground, turned the soil, and planted thousands of seeds. ALL flowers. My neighbors (that love to preserve food) thought I was bonkers, but I had a goal in mind.

My goal was to learn floral design from the ground up.

It was not the easiest or quickest way to go about it, but fast forward to today and I am now both a cultivator of locally grown blooms and a trained floral designer.

My background as a grower differentiates me from other florists as I serve my clients on their special day. I am intimately familiar with the traits and nuances of each flower variety. I use this knowledge to ensure your dream flowers are fresh, vibrant and harmonized within their natural season.

As a result, my bouquets favor a whimsical, garden design that follows the seasons.  To do this I grow specialty blooms right here in the shadow of our Wasatch Mountains as well as sourcing from my Utah flower farming friends. This results in fresher blooms that are unique, fragrant, and in-season.

By choosing local, your bouquet will not only be beautiful but contribute to a good cause! Your bouquet will play a part in supporting our Utah flower farmers and supporting our declining pollinator community.

At the end of the day, I do what I do because I love creating naturally lovely bouquets for my brides. Flowers don’t last forever but they add that unforgettable fairytale touch to your wedding day that can’t be skipped.

Treat yourself to something beautiful and do good at the same time!

To view my current wedding services please navigate to the “event florals” tab in the above menu.

I hope to hear from you soon!


Garden Journal

My Garden Journal is a place to document seasonal tasks and save crazy detailed notes for myself and others, based off of experience. If you are dreaming of your own cut flower garden, then this source will get you on your feet!

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