Order Flowers

There are THREE ways to get your hands on fresh locally grown blooms:

  1. CSA membership (details below) SOLD OUT for 2019 Season
  2. Field-to-Vase Workshop (details in workshops tab)
  3. Follow me on Instagram to receive Fresh Flower Alerts. (If you have a special date in mind (like a birthday or anniversary) try to order two weeks out using the “Contact” tab.)


Once the flowers start to bloom, the CSA season begins at Save the Bees Flower Co.

A ‘CSA’ stands for Community Supported Agriculture and has been practiced in the United States in the 1980s. A CSA is a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly subscription that allows customers access to some of the best locally grown, fresh, high quality goods around while supporting local farmers.

For the 2019 grow season, my urban flower farm will be offering bi-weekly CSA bouquet subscriptions to a LIMITED number of participants.

SPRING Bi-Weekly CSA (Approximately: April through May)

Blooms in Season: Peonies, ranunculus, anemones, tulips, daffodils, Iceland poppies, roses, foxglove, bee balm etc.

$80 (4 bouquets)

SUMMER/FALL Bi-Weekly CSA (Approximately: mid-July through mid-September)

Blooms in Season: Sunflowers, zinnias, snapdragons, dahlias, globe amaranth, celosia, lemon basil, delphinium etc.

$80 (4 bouquets)

FULL SEASON Bi-Weekly CSA (Approximately: April through May & mid-July through mid-September)

$150 (8 bouquets)

I sold out often last year, so signing up for a bi-weekly bouquet subscription will ensure you have fresh blooms all season!

(I also give my CSA members preference when they order extra bouquets throughout the season.)

How it works:

Sign up for a CSA membership below and I will send an invoice to your email.

Once the season begins, CSA members pick up their bouquets bi-weekly within a specified time. For example, pickup at my urban flower farm odd Saturdays of the month, between 11am-1pm. I will communicate the place and time on my CSA kickoff email, but expect it to be in Lehi.

Delivery for CSA is available for an added delivery fee of $5 per bouquet to cover gas and time. Let me know when purchasing if you prefer delivery and I can add that fee. Deliveries are only made in the Lehi area (if you live near Lehi, then send your address and I will see if it is within my delivery zone).

Please enter your email, so we can follow up with you.
WARNING: You should never ingest anything in your bouquet, even if it looks familiar (like basil). Some flowers are very poisonous (including the seeds) including but not limited to foxglove, sweet pea or delphinium etc. Exercise extreme caution around children and pets and keep bouquets out of reach. The purchaser assumes all liability relating to the use of the product.

POLICIES & FAQs (please read the below policies before signing up)

The Blooms:

CSA members understand that bouquets are made based on what is blooming. I cannot customize bouquets due to the size of my space. I try to give you a general idea of what is blooming in each season, but note that Mother Nature has her own ideas sometimes. Your bouquet will always have been harvested within 24 hours to guarantee the maximum vase life for each variety.

Once the flowers have been collected from the pick up location, Save the Bees Flower Co. assumes no responsibility for flowers that wilt or die due to poor handling (i.e. left in a hot car, stems not immediately re-cut and hydrated after brought home, etc.)


I grow thousands of blooms on my urban flower farm each year and each variety plays a part in the design. If Mother Nature decides to wipe out one crop then I may need to mix in substitutions from other sources. I will try to source from other local farmers first. However, I may need to source a few blooms from the local wholesaler to guarantee a beautiful full bouquet.

Late Pickups/No Shows:

Any late pickups or no shows cannot be held. As you know I am raising a little family and must balance my side hustle with their needs. I’ve found that rescheduling pickups or waiting for someone to show was too chaotic for my family. Please arrive within the designated time frame. If you do not show, your bouquet will be donated.


There will be times that I am out-of-town and will need to change the pickup day/time. I will let CSA members know two weeks in advance if that is to happen. Similarly, there may be times that you are out of town and unable to pick up your bouquet. If that happens, you can “gift” that week’s bouquet to a friend or family member.


I cannot issue refunds on CSA bouquet subscriptions. However, you may gift your subscription to someone by contacting me.