Spring Tasks

I’ll be honest, I actually enjoy prepping my garden in the spring.

It could be the Kansan girl in me, but there is something so satisfying about having clean dirt rows ready for fresh crops.

I also love the soft sink-in feel of freshly tilled dirt under my boots. (I can hear you expert gardeners yelling at me to get off the tilled rows.)

I like the exercise, the fresh air and the fact “Umi Zoomi” isn’t playing on rerun.

If you want to know what is on my spring to-do-list, then take a gander:

  1. Soil test
  2. Soil correction (if applicable)
  3. Seed starting
  4. Compost (if this wasn’t done in fall)
  5. Weed
  6. Till
  7. Lay landscape fabric
  8. Lay drip lines (if stored during winter)
  9. Replace or repair garden tools (in my case buy some)
  10. Trim rose bushes (late winter/early spring)
  11. Plant bare root rose bushes
  12. Direct seed/transplant cold hardy annuals
  13. Order summer fertilizers or pest control products (like Sluggo)
  14. Tend spring blooming plants & harvest
  15. Turn on secondary water line

Also on my list this year are tasks that would normally be done in winter (like plotting my garden space, buying seeds & budgeting).

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